It’s clearly Bray’s constant negative attitude that’s driven Bo, the little brother, to such insane positivity.

(I genuinely hope they actually do that storyline at some point. Bo constantly telling Bray he must Bolieve; Bray constantly looking like the demented sibling being followed about by his annoying wee bro)

Yeah I’m…I’m not okay with this. Poor class, Creative,

Couldn’t they just have dialled down the Russian and made it all about America? We don’t even have the bodies back for godsake.

Oh WWE, I think you maybe should have just cut the Russian stuff from Smackdown tonight…

Is it weird that I think Nikki Bella wearing Cena wristbands is sorta…sweet?

Did I just see Jim Parsons in the Wimbledon crowd? Clapping excitedly (and rather adorably) at Eugenie Bouchard’s win?

I know it was a slop match but I really am so, so happy with Vickie’s sendoff. The lines, the Guerrero name, kicking some ass, getting back at the boss, Eddie’s music, his shake and kiss. Even that it had something Vince all over it. Vickie deserved it. And it was right. And I love that it was with Stephanie McMahon.

I love that it was Stephanie McMahon because one of the moments of the Eddie Guerrero RAW Tribute night from all those years ago that I could never forget, was Stephanie McMahon. I don’t know why. These big, strong guys bawling their hearts out at the loss of their friend was maybe more prominent, but Stephanie’s tears always stuck with me.

Holding her emotions, crying through the heartbreak, she talked about the first time she had met him when he’d come over to the house to talk to Vince…about how great he was, so humble, about how much he loved the audience, and that she had talked to him recently and he’d told her that he was going to be champion again. And she talked about Vickie.

"When I think of Eddie, the most important thing I think about is his family. Because he loved his family, more than anything else in the world. From his brothers to his mother…but especially his wife Vickie. He loved you so much Vickie. And [their kids], he lit up when he talked about you, he just lit up, you were his whole life, his whole world. And I just hope that you guys know that.”

Through all Vickie/McMahon segments and promos, I’ve always remembered that. 

And the ring segment last night…while Stephanie McMahon is pretty epic at kayfabe, you could tell she was so happy to be a part of it, so happy for Vickie’s Latino Heat moment - as someone who really knew how much it meant, I think.

I’m personally sort of heartbroken there was nothing at all with Dolph because Vickie and Dolph were one of my favourite things ever. But I’m glad we got to see her with the Divas afterwards because from reading anything about Vickie Guerrero’s time in WWE, anyone knows how important the Diva’s division was to her.

Come back one day Vickie, please. You’ve been absolutely brilliant, another Guerrero legend.

I haven’t cried at someone leaving since Edge, but Vickie with Eddie’s music? I near sobbed. I’m so glad they played it. I thought it deserved a bigger crowd reaction, but just so glad she got some love.

Oh Vickie. I will miss you. You were always my favourite.

Happiness is Dún Laoghaire East Pier on a sunny day

Happiness is Dún Laoghaire East Pier on a sunny day

Dear J.K. Rowling,

Amongst the truly disgusting abuse hurled at you today, there has been a couple of letters of response written by Pro-Independence individuals. Long, eloquent, level-headed, personal, intelligent and kind-of-lovely letters that even as a No voter I found myself enjoying reading, if for nothing else other than that they were clearly written by smart, decent people. 

Letters that have come with the ultimate message of "I respect your opinion, but please change it."

So, briefly, and not so eloquently as others, I just wanted to say…thank you.

I am so grateful for your statement.

As a young, female Scot voting No - as someone with long discontent of government and who grew up surrounded by activism, who treasures equal rights and progression - I truly appreciate your statement today. Reading the headline this morning gave me hope, and reading your full statement gave me relief. Relief and reminder that I’m not crazy, that my No vote doesn’t make me Tory-loving, doesn’t disgrace me as a Scot, doesn’t make me the enemy of the just ideals I hold dear, doesn’t discount my political opinions, doesn’t make me weak.

So, mixed in with the small-minded abuse and the respectful pleas of change, I just wanted to make sure there was a very simple 'thank you' out there, that you knew it was appreciated.

I’ve found myself bordering on dejected as the run-up to the referendum gets nastier and the division more apparent and I worry about what will be left of us afterwards, despite the actual vote result. Your statement today revived me (I think it did a bit for both sides, actually, excluding the attacks), made me feel like I could breathe a bit easier through the campaigns, made me…smile, actually. It mattered to me.

So thank you, J.K. Rowling.

I genuinely wanna know what Russia (and Russian WWE fans) think of WWE weekly reminding everybody of Russia’s heel status in the world.