I just caught up on last nights GOT episode…and the Jamie scene… Oh HBO, how could you?

Man, I’m gonna be crying a lot through this night

RIP Warrior, Ultimate legend.

Catching up on NXT and Alex Riley keeps saying "What have you done for me lately?"

That’s a Ziggler line!

You can tell a European-heavy crowd just by inflection; it’s always a deeper tone…(and we get a chant together well - it’s the football crowd mentality)

He’s poised! He’s poised!

Oh how wrestling makes fan girls and boys outta all of us.

I’m SO happy right now.

And now Jamie Lomas is on Sky Sports!

Hollyoaks is doing its stupid haunting me thing again, the twat.

It’s not gonna work, HO. I will not watch you while you remain unfit for viewership!

Neil Newbon on the History Channel makes me happy.

(Boyfriend yelling “Baby! It’s Walker, it’s Walker!” also makes me happy)

This is kind of brilliant.

The 4th wall spin is pretty genius.

For a neutral fan, this match is awesome.

For me, a Murray fan, this match is basically agony.

C’mon Andy!